Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unflappable Mega Metal Shadow

I picked up Unflappable from MAC about a week ago. It's one of the new limited edition mega metal shadows from Peacocky. Each shadow retails for $19.50 USD which is significantly more expensive than the regular shadows which are $14.50. However, mega metal shadows are 3.4 grams and the regular shadows only offer 1.5 grams. In essence, you're getting a good bang for your buck.

Out of all the shadows, Unflappable is the most played down color. By that, I mean all of the other colors are very bold and metallic. According to MAC, it is a "frosted black with purple pearl". On the eyes, it doesn't look very frosty or very black. In my opinion, it's more gray with plum. Though, this is one of those times when I wish I had my normal camera because this one can't pick up on the plum (sorry). Anyway, I think it's a great color, especially for smoky eyes. I definitely want to try the other colors!


prettyinthedesert said...

That's very pretty. It looks like it would make a very nice smokey eye for daytime.

EllysMakeupbag said...

Great colour, i want the brown one!

Anonymous said...

That would be perfect for smokey eyes!
Great post! Gotta love Mac! :)

-Sriya xx


Abby Q. said...

Gah this is one of the ones I really want but I already bought 5! lol.