Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everything Ombre!

I'm under the impression that 2010 was a big year for the ombre trend. I'm just not sure how I feel about this -- specifically, ombre hair. I've seen it on a few celebrities who wear it well and then I see others who can't carry the trend without looking kind of silly. It's a hit or miss thing, I suppose.

I have accidental, unintentional ombre hair and I hate it! This is because I didn't color treat my hair during pregnancy. Before that, every time I colored it brown, it always turned auburn (I'm cursed!). I've colored my hair  just one time since I had my daughter, and that was back in August of 2009, so my hair has obviously grown out a bit since then. My roots are a medium brown color and the rest is auburn-ish. My accidental ombre look isn't as pronounced as others since I didn't do this on purpose. Frankly, I was always embarrassed by it and I never would've thought it would be 'trendy'. I'm not trendy. Really, I'm not. I'm a jeans and hoodie type of gal, hence, why I love fall!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely knocking ombre hair. I've seen it done where it looks really nice! Still, it just seems like something that's really easy to get bored with.

Ombre Fail:

Ombre WIN:

*I found these pictures in a Google image search.


Liasbubblebath said...

I actually really love this hair trend, and you are really lucky with your hair!

Katie said...

It is nice, but I guess since I've had this hair for over a year, I'm tired of it now! I'm ready for a change, I think!

Glitterish Allsorts said...

I agree, some people look great with it and others don't. A friend of mine had this look years and years ago when she decided to let her roots grow out. Because of that she finds it a really weird trend.

I do like it but I can empathise with your desire for a change :)

Anonymous said...

I never dyed my dark brown hair I love the way it is, light warm brown. Japanese usually have jet black hair so my hair used to stand out (nowadays not, as girls sport coloured hair) People ask me if I dye my hair then I show some white hairs to prove it's all natural. However sometimes I wonder how I'd feel to be able to change hair colour as you can make a drastic change by doing so. For instance I liked Cheryl Cole red hair, she looks so different. By the way I think your hair is gorgeous!!

Katie said...

I truly wish I never started coloring my hair in the first place! My mother told me not to and I sincerely wish I listened!

Tali said...

Nice but only a few women can pull it off. The second pic yes.. but Drew looks like she has roots!!!!
LOL although.. i wish roots were in fashion. It would be so much less £ at the salon if it was 'roots trend' :P

Katie said...

It's a shame that trends come and go so quickly because I'd say to wait a year and you can have it for free! Only a few people can pull this off, but I personally wouldn't pay to have this done.