Thursday, December 23, 2010

Loving Honeylove

I picked up Honeylove over this past weekend. It's my first matte lipstick from MAC. The color itself belongs in the 'my lips but better' category. Once I tried it on, it seemed very familiar to me. That's probably because (color wise) it's very comparable to Hug Me and Jubilee (both Lustres) -- two colors that I've talked about on this blog before.

Described as a "light beige toned with rose", $14.50 USD

The great thing is, I love matte colors because it creates a balance when I wear shimmery shadows (which is almost every day). Honeylove, in particular, is long wearing and the color will flatter many. It applies smoothly and evenly with amazing color payoff -- very pigmented and opaque. I would say that I had 3 hours of wear. In all fairness, by hour three, I was eating so maybe it would've lasted longer if I hadn't.

The bad? At first, it felt rather moist on my lips but after the first hour, they started to feel dry. As I always say on this blog, you MUST exfoliate first because this lipstick will put every dry, cracked area of your lips under the microscope.


Honeylove on its own

L-R: Hug Me, Honeylove, Jubilee

My recommendation: If you like matte finishes, can handle the dryness, and fancy the 'my lips but better' colors, then Honeylove is a winner. If you don't really like matte finishes but you prefer the color, I'd check out Hug Me or Jubilee.


EllysMakeupbag said...

i made a post on my blog about Honeylove because i love it so much too! On the downside its drying, but i dont mind.

prettyinthedesert said...

That's very pretty. It looks kind of similar to Revlon's Nude Cashmere. That one wears really long but is really drying as well.

Anonymous said...

All looking very pretty. I need to check them out at MAC after Christmas! Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Katie.

Katie said...

EllysMakeupbag- Yes, Honeylove is gorgeous -- the perfect everyday color!

prettyinthedesert- I'll have to check out Nude Cashmere, thanks!

Pretty Pink Penguin- Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!