Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some dupes for ya...

Looking through my lipstick collection, I'm noticing that I keep buying the same colors. Well, same colors with different names and finishes. I've become so redundant! Whatever, I love a nice blue-based pink.

So, recently I bought Snob from MAC. Just my kind of color... and finish. Lately, I've really been into Satin finishes. I did realize, however, that it kind of resembles Revlon's Pink Pout. MAC lipsticks are $14.50, Revlon is about $7-8 (don't quote me on that, because some places have different prices).

When comparing the two, I would say that Snob has more of a blue base to it and has an ever so slight sheen.

Then I whipped out I Like It Like That (In the Groove '10). Oh dear, I love this color. It has an amplified finish. So, it's not matte, definitely more glossy than the other two. Also, it's darker (and bluer) than Snob. Still, if you couldn't get your hands on this baby, Snob is a good alternative.

L-R: Revlon Pink Pout, MAC Snob, MAC I Like It Like That

And, for good measure, I figured I'd throw in an swatch photo from an old post featuring Viva Glam Gaga. That was all I wore last summer (made sure to buy a back up!). Gaga is discontinued, but will always be a favorite of mine. It has a glossy, lustre finish. It's not an exact dupe for any of these colors per se, but it does belong in the same color family. It's a lighter, brighter, blue-based pink.

Viva Glam Gaga

Snob and Pink Pout are the only two permanent colors. Gaga and I Like It Like That are limited edition, sadly.

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G A B Y said...

Pink Pout looks pretty (: