Sunday, July 31, 2011


Happy Sunday!! I just wanted to quickly share the new pair of heels I bought from Macy's (click here to see it online). I needed a new pair of cute black shoes for a wedding I have to attend next weekend. They were $89 but I got them for $69 with a $20 off coupon (winning!). I'm just praying my feet won't be throbbing by the end of the night in these suckers... ha. 


G A B Y said...

Gorgeous, and what a great deal! I'm not a fan of peep toe heels though because they tend to squeeze my toes together and it hurts at the end of the night ):

Katie said...

I have a feeling that'll happen to me. Especially since pregnancy gave me super wide feet. Ick!

Anonymous said...

like gaby, i love peep toe heels!
i know about the super wide feet-- soon it'll pass!
i almost like all your picks! i must follow you!
hope we can follow each other!
let's keep in touch!