Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life and Babies!

This isn't a makeup related post but don't worry, I have one. I just wanted to let give a quick update on my life and why I'm not updating like I used to... you know, 9 months ago. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on 8.31.11. I'm very blessed to have my two kids but I'm also very busy (and tired!). This is a huge adjustment for all of us. I'm not putting the blog at a complete standstill. Despite having a new addition to our family, I try to keep some things the same. I think it makes the transition easier. And for me, I love my blog. I love makeup. It's a guilty pleasure that I'd like to hang onto for a bit longer. So while I won't be posting often, I'll still be here and hopefully you'll keep reading. Thanks for reading. :)