Thursday, September 30, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: Innocence, Beware! Lipstick

I ordered a new lipstick the other day from the Venomous Villains collection. I opted for Innocence, Beware! (Cremesheen). The prices have gone up in this collection, I believe due to licensing agreements and fees. The lipsticks are $15.50 USD.

The packaging is cute, in my opinion! The graphic design is not printed on the box itself; it's just a sleeve. I'll take this opportunity to say that packaging isn't everything to me. Don't get me wrong, I just love pretty things wrapped in pretty things but the quality of the product is the first thing I consider when buying.

Innocence, Beware! is from the Cruella de Vil sub-collection.

This color is a beautiful pinky-nude. There's no shimmer or glitter, it's not entirely opaque, though it has decent color payoff. The finish is soft and glossy which makes this a very wearable shade. 


If you're looking for a dupe, Hue (Glaze, permanent) is PERFECT:

Hue (top), Innocence, Beware! (bottom)

If I had to guess, I'd say that Hue is ever so slightly more opaque than Innocence, Beware!, but they look like soul mates, eh?

Recommendation: This is really pretty nude! If you like nudes and you like Venomous Villains but don't have Hue in your collection already, definitely check this one out. If you already have Hue, you might want to consider passing. The other three lipsticks in the collection make this color seem fairly ordinary, to be honest.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Curious...!

Hey ladies, sorry I haven't posted yet this week. Busy, busy, busy! Anyway, I'm just curious as to what everyone is doing for Halloween. This will be my daughter's first trick or treat outing and I'm VERY excited. I don't know what she'll be yet, though. I was thinking Minnie Mouse, but I KNOW (for a fact!) that she will not wear the ears without a fight so I'm thinking of doing something else. You just can't be Minnie without the ears... right?!

As for me, I was thinking of being Lady Gaga, but in a more conservative way (I'm a mom for cryin' out loud!). I don't know if my boyfriend will be coming. He's 26 and though he won't directly say it (because he knows I'll be disappointed), I don't think he wants to go because he thinks he's too old. I'm curious; how do you guys feel about this? Are you ever actually too old for Halloween or is it just a mentality? So, if you're going this year, what will you be? I'd love some suggestions, I'm not 100% on my idea yet!

**Oh, but I would like to add that I'd like to go bananas and have some fun with makeup this year, since I'm definitely a neutrals gal on a daily basis. Whatever I come up with, I'll share the look!

P.S.: I got a lipstick from the Venomous Villains collection, I can't wait to get it so I can swatch it up for you guys! Aw, I just love swatching! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass

Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass ($15.50 USD)

So first off, I'd like to be completely honest with you. I'm not a big fan of lip gloss (GASP?!!). I know, I know, shame on me. I tend to use a lot of shimmery shadows and because of that, I prefer to keep my lips shine / gloss free. I don't like them completely matte, but I don't like stickiness or chunks of glitter on them either. Still, I really wanted to try this out.

Anyway, the color is just the same as its companion, the VG Gaga lipstick (Lustre), a bright blue-based pink. The consistency is thick and creamy. It applies evenly and the color is opaque, but be forewarned that you should exfoliate your lips first or else it'll accentuate the dryness. I applied the lipstick, followed by the gloss and then I decided to take the combo for a test run on a ham an cheese sandwich. While in the process of obliterating this ham and cheese sandwich (I was really, really hungry!), I noticed that with every bite I took, the color was just slipping off onto the bread. Afterward, I noticed that there was still some color left on my lips, but it was very patchy and sloppy. Clearly, it needed to be reapplied. Did I expect it to last through the torture of devouring a sandwich? Heck, no! I pretty much saw that one coming. Still, I love the color and I'm very happy with my purchase (the profits go directly to the MAC AIDS Fund. I'm a sucker for a good cause!). I'll definitely pick up the Cyndi version next time I'm at MAC. Actually, I'm buying backups of the lipsticks and glosses. They're only available until February or March 2011, I believe.

VG Gaga lipstick on top, VG Gaga lipglass on the bottom

Lip swatch of VG Gaga lipstick AND lipglass.

By the way, my favorite way to wear this so far is on its own! I just dab it on my lips lightly, with my finger. The result is a subtle pink that's much more wearable for every day. I like to pair this color with a blush like Hang Loose (LE, from In the Groove) or Summer Rose beauty powder (also LE).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Okay, so before I start off, I'd like to offer you a tip. If you're an online shopper, like myself, sites like Sephora and Ulta offer three free samples with every purchase. Take advantage of them! Samples are great because they fit so nicely into makeup bags. Even brands like MAC and NARS offer free samples from time to time, though you usually need a promo code to get them.

1. Makeup Bag: It's just the right size for me. I got it from Walmart for maybe $2 USD. Cute, compact, AND cheap?! Oh, happy day!

2. Some kind of lip color: Whether it's gloss, lipstick, balm, whatever, I always like to have something for my lips. In this case, it's been MAC Hue lately..

3. Mascara: This mascara is MAC Zoomlash. For months, they were given as a free sample with purchase (using a promo code) when you shopped online. I have quite a few of these to sock away for my makeup bag / mascara 'emergencies'. 

5. ConcealerThis isn't always a must for me, but I do throw it in when I get a breakout -- especially when I know that I'm not going to be home all day and my face might require a quick fix. This concealer is from Physician's Formula. It came in a set of three (concealer, yellow concealer, and eye brightener).

4. Stila Convertible Color in Peony: Again, this is also sample-sized -- perfect for a makeup bag. This came with the Glam-In-A-Can set. I don't know if this color in particular is permanent but it's a gorgeous pinky-nude that works well for lips and a blush. A tiny multi-tasking product = awesome. This color is extremely similar to MAC Hug Me.

6. Perfume: This is Kat Von D's Sinner perfume that I picked as a sample from Sephora online. Again, tiny and perfect for on the go. (And, it smells nice too!)

7. Benefit's Some-Kinda-Gorgeous: As a foundation? Heck, no! I like a more fuller coverage / polished look. However, I do like this for quick touch ups. You know, when it's the end of the day and everything's faded. It's very light (coverage) and dries to a powder finish. Again, this is a sample size that I received with the Benefit to Go set from Sephora ($10 USD).

8. MAC (Hello Kitty) Beauty Powder in Pretty Baby: Gosh, I thought I'd never find any use for this. It's so LIGHT! However, if my skin get's oily, a light dusting with this does the trick (without turning my whole face pink). And, it comes with a mirror, so that's cool too.

9. Last but not least, a kabuki brush! I don't like to throw my good brushes in my makeup bag and plus, they're too big. This is a mini kabuki brush from Eco Tools (Ulta, Target). It's inexpensive but it's also a great brush.

Some things to consider when taking makeup with you:

Think about how much makeup you actually need. Preferably, I like to take a light cover up, a powder, mascara, and some kind of lip color. It helps to bring a compact or something with a mirror so you can see what you're doing. If you're the kind of gal who likes to line her waterline, bring an eyeliner. If you were blessed with fabulous skin, you can probably skip on bringing any cover up. I usually bring extra bobby pins and a hair band because they're always good to have on hand, ya know? I also keep Colgate Wisps (mini toothbrushes) on hand because you never know when you might need them... right?

What's in your makeup bag??

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FOTD: UD Naked Palette and MAC

Ha! My first FOTD, whaddya know?! I still have to figure out a better lighting situation that really allows my camera to pick up on my shadows. Funny, it zeros in on my breakouts, but not on my shadows. Go flippin' figure.

Anyway, this was from yesterday but I never got a chance to post it. This is has actually been an everyday look for me since I really love a subtle smoky eye for the daytime in fall, paired with a nice nude lip. It's quick and easy, which is convenient.... being a mom and all. I've been showing my Naked palette A LOT of love since, if your a neutrals gal (like myself), this is all you really need to pull off any look -- whether it's subtle or dramatic.

Please excuse my messy, pinned up hair, haha

- MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (though, Bare Study helps the colors pop better)
- Colors used from the UD Naked palette: Sin (all over the lid), Half Baked (on the inner corners of the eyes and in the center of the lid), Dark Horse (just a little bit on the outer crease but it's hard to see because this is what I meant by my camera not picking up all the color, also applied on the outer third of the lower lash line with a pencil brush (like the 219)). 
- UD liner in Zero, applied to the upper and (outer third of the) lower lash line. I typically don't apply liner to my waterline, unless I'm going for something really dramatic, since it makes my eyes look smaller
- Loreal Telescopic mascara in Black / Brown
- NYX eyebrow cake powder in Taupe / Ash

- NARS primer
- MAC Studio Sculpt NW20 (mixed with moisturizer)
- TheBalm, TimeBalm concealer (Lighter than Light)
- Rimmel pressed powder in 01 Translucent
- Light contouring with NARS Laguna
- MAC MSF in Petticoat, just a little bit!

- MAC Hue (Glaze), the lightest nude I can pull off without looking washed out. I just dab this to my lips instead of applying it the normal way because then it looks too unnatural.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Showing some love!

I have a lot of blushes, MAC blushes in particular. Because of that, I tend to go on 'rounds' with my blushes. I use one for a while, then say hello to the next, and so forth. I've finally come back around to Buddy Up from the Too Fabulous collection. This is limited edition, so it's no longer available. If you can pick it up at a CCO at a reasonable price, I'd go for it. It retailed for $23 USD and I saw it on today (an online CCO that carries a lot of high end brands, including MAC) but they're selling it for $32, which is a little obnoxious. 

Anyway, when you apply this blush (both colors swirled together), what you get is a lovely shade of plum with hints of red to it (I guess you could say it's a muted reddened plum... I'm lousy at describing colors). It's not glittery, it just has pretty hints of shimmer that isn't obvious or overbearing on the skin. I think it compliments cool and warm tones, fair and dark skin. For me, I have to use it lightly because I am so fair, but it's absolutely gorgeous. I think this is a great blush for fall / winter.

From the left: muted purpley color, reddish color, swirled together

So, what do you think of this blush? Do you have it?

**By the way....! So, did you read my review of the Superslick liner? If not, you can read my thoughts on it here. I wound up giving it to my friend. I tried it again, but it didn't work out. Not to say that it's bad, because I can see why people love it dearly, it just wasn't for me. I'll be sticking with my trusty Fluidlines. Have you tried it yet?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner -- On the Hunt

So, being completely honest here, I wasn't excited about Fabulous Felines. Yes, I love cats, but the color story in this collection didn't intrigue me. I was actually happy about it so I could save up for Venomous Villains, which is debuting later this month. I was, however, interested in the new eyeliners. A few months ago, my MA told me that they were amazing. That's all I needed to know, really...

I ordered mine on Monday, received it on Wednesday. Luckily, because I live in New Jersey, MAC ships quickly. I just picked On the Hunt (true black) ($17.50 USD), to try it out and if I liked it, I would buy Defiantly Feline (chocolate brown with soft pearl) and Marked for Glamour (mid-tone grey with soft pearl).

What I like about it:

- You can easily make thin lines and thick lines
- Just one swipe can get the job done
- Highly pigmented, very opaque
- Stays in place, won't budge nor smear
- Easy to do a cat eye, or winged effect

What I didn't like about it:

- Takes extra time to dry... don't blink too hard! **This formula has a very wet, almost runny consistency**
- The formula got in my lashes, then my lashes got sticky and clumped together when I tried applying mascara
- Upon removal, it came off in big flakes that irritated and stung my eyes so bad
- I have to fight harder to get this off

This is going to take me some serious practice. If you're not very experienced with liquid liners, you may have a hard time with this one too. I found that it got in my lashes a little too easily and I struggled with getting both lines even. Pressing down ever so slightly will cause the line to get thick, fast. I really need to play with this some more. However, if it keeps getting in my lashes, then I won't have much use for it. This liner has a lot of hype surrounding it, so I feel like I must be missing something here.


Just applied, still wet

Completely dry, but has a "wet" look

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?