Sunday, July 11, 2010

MAC In The Groove: Mineralize Skinfinishes

MAC's In The Groove collection was released earlier this week and I couldn't tell you how thrilled I am. I've been anticipating this collection since April because of the Mineralize Skinfinishes (is it really any wonder?). I meant to get two lipsticks from the collection, I Like It Like That and All Styled Up, but I didn't *sigh*. Anyway, I got three of the four MSF's, all except Comfort -- which is far too orange for my pasty NW20 skin tone. I wanted to share up close photos, taken in natural light, and swatches. So, here goes:

By Candlelight:

MAC describes this MSF as being "golden pink". I don't think it's as pink in the pan as it in the swatch (which I was unable to capture). It's a very light pinky sheen.


Petticoat is the reason I lusting for this collection so badly. Even when I knew it was coming back, I almost paid $40 USD at a CCO just so I could have it then and there but the angel on my shoulder told me to wait =)

Stereo Rose:

Ah yes, the holy grail of MSF's. Stereo Rose is highly coveted by many MAC addicts as it has not been released in a collection since 2005. Five years is a long wait! Also, it's the only true coral Skinfinish. Hence, all of the hype. These are already sold out at my MAC counter, as well as MAC online, but they me be restocking them online soon so check back to if you want it but haven't been able to get it!

All Three Swatches:

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