Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: NARS Laguna Bronzer

I think I've mentioned the Too Faced Bronzed & Beautiful Palette before -- which is good (also, a great bargain), but not nearly as amazing as Laguna. For $32 USD, you get a lot of product. I mainly use bronzer to contour and I have to be picky about what kind I use because as a super fair lady, things can go horribly wrong if the color is too dark or too orange. I recommend this for fair-medium skin tones. For medium / darker-skinned beauties, I think Casino may be a better bet for you. With the Too Faced palette, I have to swirl my brush (I use the MAC 109 to contour) around quite bit to pick up color and I notice with this, just one swipe picks up a lot of color. Therefore, you really don't need much to get the job done and it's quite a large pan. I can imagine this lasting for a good while. The texture of the powder itself is very silky smooth. I say, this was definitely worth the splurge.


Martha said...

Hi! New follower here!!

I love this bronzer, it is amazing!

Katie said...

It's definitely my favorite! It's one of those items I feel like I *need* to have backups of!