Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July Favorites

This past month has flown by so quickly! My daughter celebrated her FIRST birthday on the 20th of July and I'm happy but so sad at the same time. My little girl is growing up so fast!

My little monster<3

Anyway, I definitely have a few favorites that I've been using almost everyday in July...

NARS Primer

This has been a favorite of mine since I got it in May. I've been through so many primers and when I got this, I didn't even think I'd like it -- but I love it. I feel like this deserves a review.

Lazy Day Lipstick (Lustre)

Lazy  Day is from the 'To The Beach' collection. It's a milky-cool pink. On it's own, I don't care for it because it makes me look sort of sickly. If I line with Subculture first, it warms up the color a bit, making it very pretty and wearable. Lining with Subculture has the same effect when I use VG Gaga, too.

MAC Subculture Lip Liner

As of now, it's my favorite liner EVER!

Tare Cheek Stain: Flower Child

I went on a cheek stain craze this past winter. I'm over the phase, but I still love Flower Child for my lips. It's a golden rosy-pink. The beauty with cheek stains is that they have the ability to give you an overall natural glow and a light flush -- that 'just pinched' look. I have five of them, and this is my favorite. Though the taste is quite repulsive, I don't let it offend me. Also, the consistency of this stain differs from the others -- probably because this one has shimmer to it. This was limited edition and it's discontinued, but there's still a wide variety to choose from at Sephora. Tarte's cheek stains retail for $30 USD (keep in mind that you get a lot of product).

A few swatches...
Flower Child

By the way, I like these a lot for summer -- for those days when all you need is some tinted moisturizer and concealer.

MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder

I bought this from the Liberty of London collection. For a beauty powder, it's quite pigmented. I can't say this would show up well on darker skin tones, but as a pasty princess, this works well as a blush. 


Fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

I've had this for a while. I probably got it from Sephora during the winter. It went in the drawer and didn't come out until a few weeks ago. It has a nice sugary scent and a taste to match. The tint is sheer, but yet it has a nice color payoff. My only complaint is the hefty price tag. While I love this now and will continue to use it, I'm not sure I'd repurchase it again. $22.50 USD is a lot of money for a tinted lip conditioner!

As you can see, the month of July was all about lips for me!

P.S.: My skin has gotten so dry! NOT a sexy look! If anyone knows of good products for SUPER dry skin, do tell! For now, I'll see how this drinking water thing works out. Thanks =)


Anonymous said...

Clinique moisture surge is the most moisturizing lotion I have ever used. It's actually a gel but it is amazing.

Katie said...

Thanks! I'll definitely look into it. I'm so desperate!

mewmew112 said...

i love your swatches, keep it up!

Katie said...

Thank you!

...Hollie... said...

Love your blog keep up the good work x


Katie said...

Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

Every spring/summer I get super dry skin. This year I've been using Roc Hydra+ 24hour Hydrating cream in the morning and Neal's Yard Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture (Replenishes and Protects Dry Skin) at night. They are working really well.
My blog post about Roc Hydra+ cream:

Anonymous said...

PS Which Nars primer you loving? white or black tube?? I am thinking of getting white tube...

Katie said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm using the white one (the black contains SPF). I really recommend it for dry skin, no silicones or any of that crazy stuff (NARS primer is water-based). I tried Photo Finish once upon a time, it made my skin flake so bad that it took 2-3 weeks to fully clear up again. I think it's about $33 USD a tube or something like that, but I've been using it since May and there's still a ton left.

Yvonne said...

I wish I could put swatches on my arm! I am too olive-y and tan and they don't show the color right!

Katie said...

Yeah, I'm crazy pasty. I don't tan without a fight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks : )) I'll go and get a white Nars primer so!