Monday, November 1, 2010

The Junk Drawer: Stila Major Lash Mascara

So, 'The Junk Drawer' is going to be a new series on this blog, documenting the things that collect dust. I'll talk about products that I bought but didn't like, products that received a lot of hype but didn't work miracles for me. Also, I'll mention products that I genuinely like but never seem to use. I have a hard time throwing things away (unless they're gross). I like to tell myself that maybe someday I'll find some use for it. Maybe this'll help me get rid of those things and clear some much needed space in my linen closet!

Okay, so this product is the epitome of what this series is all about (for me). I didn't buy this, but I won it in a raffle at my sister in law's baby shower. Stila Major Lash mascara was part of a set from the Glam in a Can (Can Couture). This was the only thing I didn't like from the set. It doesn't do anything for my lashes. I have short, thin lashes that requires something that packs a bigger punch. I'm not sure if it's the formula or the brush or maybe both. It doesn't lengthen or thicken. Loreal Telescopic knocks this one out of the park!

As far as I know, Stila discontinued this mascara (probably why they threw it in the can). It's now called MAJOR Major Lash mascara which is suppose to be better. I hope it is.


Anonymous said...

Oh I do love your new series! I should probably start doing the same on my blog before I put them on ebay or to a donation bag! I have a good bagful of them. I always thought nobody would like to know what didn't work for me (=people would be more interested in what works wonders) but I actually like reading this post of yours. In fact I do have the same mascara (given for free) unfortunately it smadges so only used once and yes it's been collecting dust, too. Thanks for great ideas ;)

Katie said...

Thanks! I thought this was a good idea because it's not just about things I hate, but things that I like but don't work for me. With the exception of this mascara (I wouldn't recommend it to anyone!), I'd like to be able to say something about a product like "This is pretty but didn't work for me. It may work better for you because...".