Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo Finish: A Quickie Review

I'm going to make this snappy because there's a million (and one) reviews on this cult classic product. I personally love this primer. Yes, yes I do. I think those with DRY skin will favor this because it gives the a skin a smooth velvety feel. It did not break me out. On the flip side, those with OILY skin may say this makes their face feel more greasy than velvety. For me, it keeps my makeup in place. I've put Photo Finish to the test in 115 degree weather and it upheld its end of the bargain. It also held up during my daughter's birthday party yesterday. I had a full face of makeup on for about 12-14 hours with minimal touch ups. I would definitely repurchase.

By the way, HauteLook is having an Ugg event today. Chances are, it's going to sell out fast. 

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