Friday, August 12, 2011

Chanel Tweed Pink Blush

Or also known by its proper name, Tweed Pink Tissages de Chanel. Let me first say this, I'm a blush fiend.  I can't help myself. I love all kinds of blushes: pink, coral, peach, nude, matte, shimmery, frosty, whatever. I'll take it. Tweed Pink is one of the most beautiful blushes I have in my collection. Looking at it makes me happy.

This is also one of the most flattering pink blushes on my skin tone. It's pink without being too pink. Does that make sense? It's soft, blends well, and the color payoff is excellent. Though, for $45 USD a pop, that's what you ought to get.

So, based off the swatch it might look too shimmery for some people's tastes, but it doesn't give you disco ball cheeks or anything. I promise. Sometimes, a swatch can be deceiving. Tricky, tricky!

I tried to find some dupes in my collection and these were the closest (but not quite):

L-R: NARS Angelika, Chanel Tweed Pink, TheBalm Down Boy
NARS Angelika is a deeper, more intense blue based pink that imparts more glitter/shimmer. TheBalm Down Boy is completely matte and the formula is quite powdery. Like I said, they're a little similar but not quite...


G A B Y said...

Awww so pretty! I could never afford it though ):

Glitterish Allsorts said...

Wow, this blush is beyond beautiful. This post has totally enabled me to go and make it mine :p

Miss Delirium said...

I absolutely adore Chanels blushes. Its my alltime favourite:)
I have the tweed blush, but its plain pink with just some glitterparticles and without the white and goldish shimmer:) The shade is also probably a little more towards the nars angelika pink.

But since I love shimmer I would def try this one out too :) It looks amazing :)

Anonymous said...

WOW I WANT TO HAVE ONE! i love the shade thanks for this post and for the comparison!
i like the chanel! me wants to have one now.. >< can i say it again? LOL i like it seriously.

Katie said...

Gaby, I hear ya! It's a crazy splurge but it was my birthday. :)

Glitterish Allsorts - You won't regret it!

Miss Delirium - I feel like I need to buy MORE. Ugh, what have I gotten myself into?!

Diane - It's even prettier in person. I couldn't resist buying it. So gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

o my this blush colour is sooo cute! i can hear it calling my name!!! too bad my wallet prohibits me from getting anywhere too close to it.