Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A few new MAC lip products

Happy November! Here's a few new lip products that I recently purchased from MAC:

MAC recently released their ridiculously huge holiday collection. As far as the color collection goes (Glitter and Ice), nothing sparked my interest other than a few dazzleglasses and a lipstick or two.

Double Spin (Cremesheen) and
Dressed to Dazzle Dazzleglass.

Double Spin

Dressed to Dazzle

Top: Double Spin, Dressed to Dazzle

 Double Spin is a very pale, milky pink. It's so pale that it makes it a little difficult to pull off, especially because it's quick to show every imperfection on your lips (so make sure you exfoliate). I like to dab it into my lips with my finger. It looks more wearable on me that way. Naturally, I had to buy Dressed to Dazzle to compliment the lipstick. It's the perfect layering gloss to go hand in hand with Double Spin. This is a lip combo that I've been frequenting lately. I get three to maybe four hours of a wear before needing to reapply.

Glitter and Ice

Because I loved Dressed to Dazzle so much, I wound up buying Glitter & Ice too. If you're looking for a shimmery, glittery, nude gloss to layer of your nude lipsticks, this is what you need. I just got it today and wore it over Honeylove. Gorgeous. I imagine this will layer very nicely over Myth as well.

And I bought one more...


For good measure, I also purchased C-Thru lipglass. This is a permanent shade. I haven't gotten the chance to mess around with it yet but it's a gorgeous nude with subtle micro shimmer -- another nice layering gloss.

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Gaby Fauchon said...

The lipstick looks pretty but I hate how pale lipsticks are so hard to pull off! That's a great tip to dab it on with your finger though, will have to try that! & C-Thru looks gorgeous!

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