Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Curious...!

Hey ladies, sorry I haven't posted yet this week. Busy, busy, busy! Anyway, I'm just curious as to what everyone is doing for Halloween. This will be my daughter's first trick or treat outing and I'm VERY excited. I don't know what she'll be yet, though. I was thinking Minnie Mouse, but I KNOW (for a fact!) that she will not wear the ears without a fight so I'm thinking of doing something else. You just can't be Minnie without the ears... right?!

As for me, I was thinking of being Lady Gaga, but in a more conservative way (I'm a mom for cryin' out loud!). I don't know if my boyfriend will be coming. He's 26 and though he won't directly say it (because he knows I'll be disappointed), I don't think he wants to go because he thinks he's too old. I'm curious; how do you guys feel about this? Are you ever actually too old for Halloween or is it just a mentality? So, if you're going this year, what will you be? I'd love some suggestions, I'm not 100% on my idea yet!

**Oh, but I would like to add that I'd like to go bananas and have some fun with makeup this year, since I'm definitely a neutrals gal on a daily basis. Whatever I come up with, I'll share the look!

P.S.: I got a lipstick from the Venomous Villains collection, I can't wait to get it so I can swatch it up for you guys! Aw, I just love swatching! :)

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see your Halloween pics with fun makeup on! and your daughter's. x