Thursday, September 2, 2010

MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner -- On the Hunt

So, being completely honest here, I wasn't excited about Fabulous Felines. Yes, I love cats, but the color story in this collection didn't intrigue me. I was actually happy about it so I could save up for Venomous Villains, which is debuting later this month. I was, however, interested in the new eyeliners. A few months ago, my MA told me that they were amazing. That's all I needed to know, really...

I ordered mine on Monday, received it on Wednesday. Luckily, because I live in New Jersey, MAC ships quickly. I just picked On the Hunt (true black) ($17.50 USD), to try it out and if I liked it, I would buy Defiantly Feline (chocolate brown with soft pearl) and Marked for Glamour (mid-tone grey with soft pearl).

What I like about it:

- You can easily make thin lines and thick lines
- Just one swipe can get the job done
- Highly pigmented, very opaque
- Stays in place, won't budge nor smear
- Easy to do a cat eye, or winged effect

What I didn't like about it:

- Takes extra time to dry... don't blink too hard! **This formula has a very wet, almost runny consistency**
- The formula got in my lashes, then my lashes got sticky and clumped together when I tried applying mascara
- Upon removal, it came off in big flakes that irritated and stung my eyes so bad
- I have to fight harder to get this off

This is going to take me some serious practice. If you're not very experienced with liquid liners, you may have a hard time with this one too. I found that it got in my lashes a little too easily and I struggled with getting both lines even. Pressing down ever so slightly will cause the line to get thick, fast. I really need to play with this some more. However, if it keeps getting in my lashes, then I won't have much use for it. This liner has a lot of hype surrounding it, so I feel like I must be missing something here.


Just applied, still wet

Completely dry, but has a "wet" look

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog..I am happy to follow!! :)

Katie said...

Thank you! You have most definitely made my day!

Chic Geek (Devs) said...

I have heard so many things about this! Must pick one up! New follower!

Katie said...

I've heard a lot of good things too. Personally, it wasn't for me so I gave mine away but a lot of other people like it!

Tali said...

Katie some of your posts wont let me comment on them! The page keeps freezing (like on your latest post)
Great blog and you are gorgeous!! xx

Katie said...

I'm sorry! Not sure why that's happening, though it seems like my kinda luck but thanks for being so sweet! =)