Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Okay, so before I start off, I'd like to offer you a tip. If you're an online shopper, like myself, sites like Sephora and Ulta offer three free samples with every purchase. Take advantage of them! Samples are great because they fit so nicely into makeup bags. Even brands like MAC and NARS offer free samples from time to time, though you usually need a promo code to get them.

1. Makeup Bag: It's just the right size for me. I got it from Walmart for maybe $2 USD. Cute, compact, AND cheap?! Oh, happy day!

2. Some kind of lip color: Whether it's gloss, lipstick, balm, whatever, I always like to have something for my lips. In this case, it's been MAC Hue lately..

3. Mascara: This mascara is MAC Zoomlash. For months, they were given as a free sample with purchase (using a promo code) when you shopped online. I have quite a few of these to sock away for my makeup bag / mascara 'emergencies'. 

5. ConcealerThis isn't always a must for me, but I do throw it in when I get a breakout -- especially when I know that I'm not going to be home all day and my face might require a quick fix. This concealer is from Physician's Formula. It came in a set of three (concealer, yellow concealer, and eye brightener).

4. Stila Convertible Color in Peony: Again, this is also sample-sized -- perfect for a makeup bag. This came with the Glam-In-A-Can set. I don't know if this color in particular is permanent but it's a gorgeous pinky-nude that works well for lips and a blush. A tiny multi-tasking product = awesome. This color is extremely similar to MAC Hug Me.

6. Perfume: This is Kat Von D's Sinner perfume that I picked as a sample from Sephora online. Again, tiny and perfect for on the go. (And, it smells nice too!)

7. Benefit's Some-Kinda-Gorgeous: As a foundation? Heck, no! I like a more fuller coverage / polished look. However, I do like this for quick touch ups. You know, when it's the end of the day and everything's faded. It's very light (coverage) and dries to a powder finish. Again, this is a sample size that I received with the Benefit to Go set from Sephora ($10 USD).

8. MAC (Hello Kitty) Beauty Powder in Pretty Baby: Gosh, I thought I'd never find any use for this. It's so LIGHT! However, if my skin get's oily, a light dusting with this does the trick (without turning my whole face pink). And, it comes with a mirror, so that's cool too.

9. Last but not least, a kabuki brush! I don't like to throw my good brushes in my makeup bag and plus, they're too big. This is a mini kabuki brush from Eco Tools (Ulta, Target). It's inexpensive but it's also a great brush.

Some things to consider when taking makeup with you:

Think about how much makeup you actually need. Preferably, I like to take a light cover up, a powder, mascara, and some kind of lip color. It helps to bring a compact or something with a mirror so you can see what you're doing. If you're the kind of gal who likes to line her waterline, bring an eyeliner. If you were blessed with fabulous skin, you can probably skip on bringing any cover up. I usually bring extra bobby pins and a hair band because they're always good to have on hand, ya know? I also keep Colgate Wisps (mini toothbrushes) on hand because you never know when you might need them... right?

What's in your makeup bag??


Marisa said...

I always bring with me a sample of my perfume, a lip balm or tint and a blush! To touch up the oiliness on my t-zone I use blotting papers from the body shop (: But If it's somewhere important I always bring the benefit one hot minute and the confessions of a concealerholic kit with me (:

Das What She Said said...

Never seen your blog before, I'm checkin it out!


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

That Hello Kitty powder is so cute:D This is what I have in my makeup bag:

Audry said...

I love the sinner perfume by Kat von D. I wonder what the saint smells like. I love her art too, she is such a great tattoo artist.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 bags, one for work(kept at work) and another one. The Hello Kitty Powder is really cute! Stila Peony seems to be great colour I heard lots of positive reviews I was thinking buying online but wasn't sure. You convinced me now. I should do my "what's in my makeup bag" on my blog, too :)

Katie said...

You should do one! I'd love to read it! I'm always curious about what's inside a girl's makeup bag and I figured it could be helpful for those who did go back to school. Anyway, I hope you do it and I'll be looking forward to reading it :)