Monday, October 4, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: Briar Rose Beauty Powder

I bought Briar Rose a few days ago, so of course I was dying to blog about it! First of all, this beauty powder is from the Maleficent sub-collection and you can pick one of these up for $25 USD. I was lucky to get mine, so if you see it and you like it, grab it before it's gone!

Briar Rose is a medium blue-based pink. Just the kind of color I love for fall. I think this pairs really nicely with I Like It Like That from In the Groove. They're soul mates, I reckon! However, this color reminds me a lot of Summer Rose beauty powder only this is more pigmented and a little darker. Seriously, use a light hand with this, pale ladies!
Briar Rose

Summer Rose


I'm happy to have Briar Rose in my collection of beauty powders and blushes. It's soft, but quite pigmented and it's fabulous for fall. If you love Disney and you like this color, go for it! I can't say for sure how I think this would look on those with warm tones, but I believe you can make it work!

By the way...

I just wanted to say how proud I am to have reached over 50 followers! I didn't expect this in the least. I started this blog for complete and utter funsies. I never went out of my way to advertise it, but you've found it! I'm very grateful and I'd like to give you my sincere thanks. Hey, if I can reach 100, I'd love to have a giveaway! Tell me in the comments what you think would be a good giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, congrats!! I cannot remember how I found you I'm really pleased I found you :) Briar Rose looks like a perfect colour for you. Keep going! I'm sure you'll reach at 100 followers in no time. xx

Marisa said...

The color is so pretty (: Congrats on your followers!! :D

Katie said...

Thank you both! :)