Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Favorites... and not so favorites!

Here's my most up to date favorites and not so favorites for the fall season!


1. Rain, you say? No problem! I've been loving my Barbie rain boots! I bought them from Target online for about $25 USD. I bought them this past March. Sadly, they aren't available anymore...

2. I've also been loving warm blushes. I don't know if there's some rule that states cools go with cools and warm goes with warm. Hopefully, I won't be damned for my love of rule breaking and warm blushes. I think that colors like Pinch Me (MAC) and Peachykeen (MAC) add necessary warmth to my skin -- especially during these winter months.

Pinch Me (MAC) (Permanent)
3. Revlon Soft Nude 070 was something I bought as an impulse buy. I did NOT like this at first, but I'll talk about that in another post because I'd like to review it. Plus, I may have found the best lip combo ever for this lipstick.

4. My favorite perfume of all time is Dior's Hypnotic Poison. Sadly, I ran out of this a while ago so I have to buy a new one, but I always associate this perfume with the fall & winter. 

Picture found via Google image search

5. My absolute biggest favorite of all is my UD Naked palette. I believe this product lives up to the massive hype surrounding it. I love neutrals. I love smoky eyes. I love shimmer. I love the Naked palette, forever and always. I received this as a birthday gift and let me tell you, I've used it almost every single day since. My MAC shadows barely see daylight since this bad boy came into my life.

Favorites that aren't beauty related...
  • Warm apple cider and cinnamon sticks -- I love this on a cold night!
  • Hoodies and yoga pants
  • My iPod. This will forever be my most prized inanimate possession. My life would never be right without it!
  • Morning coffee. My life would never be right without this either...
  • House! I LOVE to watch House!!!
  • Supernatural -- just can't get enough of those Winchester brothers!
  • Macaroons. I only buy them from Wegmans (a grocery store located in New Jersey and the tri-state area). They make the best macaroons ever. I have a recipe to make them and it's a simple recipe too, but I'm afraid they won't be as amazing!

Not so Favorites.... if that makes sense!

I go through a lot of phases with my makeup and other stuff and here's the routines I'm currently over:

  • Pink lips. It's not that I hate them... I love them but outgrew them. It was a big phase I went through over the summer. Don't worry VG Gaga, I'll always have love for you!
  • Liquid eyeliner. I've been into deep smoky eyes with smudged eyeliner. Preferably, MAC's pearl glide liners.
  • Lip gloss. I've been loving nude lips sans gloss.
  • Bright pink blushes. As stated before, I've been into warmer colors.

So, what's your current in and out's?

By the way!! I got that Warm Thrillseekers set of pigments in the mail yesterday. I'm going to swatch them later so you can see what they look like up against a cool skin tone. Frankly, I think almost anybody can rock these.


Anonymous said...

Oh your Barbie rain boots are so cute. I'm looking for a pair of wellingtons as they would be a perfect match to my current style With a cute pair of wellingtons I won't mind going out on a rainy day :) Same about Revlon soft nude, I didn't like it first and I now use a lot.

Katie said...

Thanks! They're a lot of fun to wear!