Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 5 MAC Blushes for Fall / Winter

Hello, lovelies! I'm in a surprisingly good mood considering it's Monday. Maybe it's because the weather is gorgeous and it's about 64 degrees, oh yes!

I wanted to share with you my top five favorite MAC blushes for fall / winter. Not all of these are your basic blushes. There's an MSF and two beauty powders as well. For this time of year, I tend to fancy colors that add warmth to my face because I'm very pale. However, when I'm doing a smoky eye look, I love cool colors that almost lean purple. Either way, I think all of these colors set the tone for the season.

1. Summer Rose Beauty Powder
2. Petticoat MSF
3. Peachykeen Sheertone Shimmer
4. Buddy Up (Too Fabulous)
5. Pinch Me Sheertone

What's your favorite blushes for fall / winter? Do tell! I'm sorry to say, but I have a blush fetish!!


Anonymous said...

My favourite blushes for autumn/winter: Nars Gina, Nars Luster, Nars Outlaw and Mac Petticoat MSF(the same!) I don't know why I need so many blushes but I know I'm not the only one ;)

Katie said...

Ah, you're definitely not the only one! Blush was the first thing that caught my attention back when I started to wear makeup. I really need to try more NARS blushes though. They have so many pretty colors and yet, I only have one!

Chic Geek (Devs) said...

I am in love with Nars armour and Taj Mahal for fall!

gigidob said...

Lately I've been reaching for MAC Mocha almost every day. Mocha was my very first MAC blush and I'd retired it for a while but I'm happy to have found it again. It's a natural flush of colour that's not at all obvious. I'm loving the fact that it's matte as I leave the very shimmery blushes for spring and summer. Some days I'll go for Nars Deep Throat if I feel like a change.

Katie said...

Thanks for the tips, ladies! I'll definitely check out all of your suggestions next time I'm at my NARS counter. I always thought Deep Throat was a prettier color than Orgasm. I couldn't understand why that one wasn't as hyped over. I think it's time for me to stop lusting over it and buy it already! haha

gigidob said...

I definitely think you should get Deep Throat! I'm contemplating buying a second Nars blush but cannot decide on one. Being NW/NC15 many Nars blushes look scary in the pan. Thanks for the post, I absolutely love anything blush-related!

Katie said...

NARS blushes are a little intimidating. I have Angelika and if I grab a little too much on my brush, I'll be an instant clown. Still a gorgeous color though. Sex Appeal looks nice. I've never seen it in person, but it looks to me like it would work very well for fair skin.

superslickgloss said...

Pretty! Petticoat Mineralize Skin Finis looks gorgeous!
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