Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Berry Berry Awesome GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

In honor of the upcoming holidays, I'd like to offer you a little gift and a big thank you. I started this blog to talk about things other than my life. I love makeup and all that it entails. I'm not an artist, I kind of suck (no, I really do suck) at applying eyeliner, but I love it all anyway. This place is my little refuge to talk about superficial little treasures. Along the way, on my short journey, I've had the pleasure of chatting with some amazing ladies in the beauty community. Through my own words, I've watched how my opinions on things have evolved or changed completely. Everybody has been so kind to me and for that, I'm truly grateful.

So, without further adieu, I present to you the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III (UD Loves NYC) palette (limited edition, $54 USD). With this palette you get: 16 eye shadows, two 24/7 eyeliners, and a mini Primer Potion. Did I mention that it lights up too?!

Click here for additional info!

The Rules:

I thought about this for a while. The rules are going to be very simple. Everyone gets one fair shot at this palette. Believe it or not, some people don't have Twitter or Facebook or a blog, for that matter. I don't think it's fair to offer extra chances that only some people are able to partake in. Aside from that, I don't expect you to go out of your way and advertise my blog for me. I appreciate it, but I don't expect it. I don't care how many followers I have, I'm just grateful that some people find my blog worth reading.

However, you must be subscribed to this blog in order to participate because this giveaway is after all, my thanks to you. Just enter a comment saying anything. You can tell me what your favorite shadow is from this palette or your favorite mascara ever. Anything. Just include your name and email so I can contact you if you win. Besides, since I have so few followers, this boosts your chances of winning! Pretty cool, eh?

**This contest is open to ALL**

The deadline for this giveaway is Friday December 31, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. EST. GOOD LUCK!

Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted by me. I purchased this product myself. 


Honeylust24 said...

I would love to win this palette as I went to the USA during the summer and I loved NYC and I really want to try out Urban Decay products so this would be amazing :)
Thank you

Martha said...

Hi Katie!
Your blog is great! I found it sometime when I was looking for swatches, and I stayed! :-) The fotos you take a of very nice quality (which I always appreciate) and your style is right up my alley.
Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway. The palette looks so beautiful and I don't own any eyeshadows by UD, so it would be super-amazing, if I won.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I would love to win this palatte, its pretty amazing! I love trying out new make up shades and this looks like it would super fun to experiment with!


Abby said...

OK, I'm totally throwing myself into the mix here because I haven't purchased eyeshadow in at least 4 years. I'm super-basic in my make-up these days (eyeliner, mascara, comb the brows and I'm done) but I'm really starting to miss the days where I spent more than 2 minutes on my face.

PS: This is a fabulous blog, woman!

Anonymous said...

Oohhh amazing giveaway!!

This is a bit embarrasing but i only own one lilac eye liner by urban decay...Its just one make up brand i stuggle to get hold of...This palette looks amazing!!!

I honestly cannot pick one shadow i want to try more they all look fab!!

gfc: stephanie cummins

Anonymous said...

Please enter me I would love to win this because I havent a pallette like this and it would be really nice to own one.

Im a follower of yours via GFC
GFC Name: EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog*


Amber said...

I dont have a favorite color from this since I have never tried UD products. But my favorite mascara would probably be Maybelline Collosal.

My email is

Anonymous said...

I have not used this palette but I would have to say my fave would be the green in the top right or the bright blue in the lower left.

email is

Morgan's Crew said...


Awesome blog!! I'm gonna check this more often!!

I like to dress up when I have the chance AND doll up my face however, I have an absurd and random collection, so it would be cool to have a complete set! Do you "teach" people how to wear & apply (sometimes I am clueless of that too, especially night make-up)


Jemma said...

I think its amazing that your going to give this away that you bought yourself. I realluy like you blog and love Urban Decay make-up. Really want this palette and I was over in New York last Xmas and loved it. Really hope I win.

Gaby said...

Wow, I would love to finally get a chance to try the Primer Potion!

Thank you! =D

Glossy Boss said...

My Naked palette is my first Urban Decay purchase and I love it so much. I bet I would love everything in this one too.


Karla Michelle said...

Good Heavens, please let me win! :) This is such a great Christmas gift. More power to your blog! :)


Kat said...

Bless you for being so generous to people without blogs *cough cough*

My skin is dry AND sensitive too! *high-five* what are your fave products?

katch05 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you for having this generous giveaway, Katie :)

Enter me, please. I have never tried Urban Decay eyeshadows before (*double gasp* I know!)
But I use UD Primer Potion all the time, and love it!
I'm still on the hunt for my perfect mascara! I'm looking for a volumizing mascara that doesn't clump and comes off easily.
Right now, I'm just sticking to my Clinique mascara. But usually I don't use it, because I often wear dark eyeshadow where it's difficult to even notice my lashes..

Anyway, my name is Susalie. It's nice to meet you! I found your blog on Sandra's If It Comes In Pink blog.
Email: susalie at hotmail dot com

Hope you're doing well <3

Anna said...

Random comment coming: Jack Black lip balm is amazing if you've never tried it. Temptalia talks about it all the time on her site and ohmygosh, it really is the ultimate lip balm. Who cares if it's originally for men? =)

Katie said...

Thanks to everyone who entered so far! This contest made my weekend. I have more fun shopping for others than I do for myself which is why I love the holidays! I tried to get my hands on another Naked palette but it was a no go! =/

Susalie - Loreal Telescopic (not the one with the weird spiky ball, but the one with the regular comb wand) is my favorite mascara at the moment.

Anna, I always see Christine giving props to Jack Black so I know it must be good! I'm using C.O. Bigelow's lip balm right now I love it. I'll have to try Jack Black's though!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome contest Katie!! I am addicted to ELF and NYX products.. love them!! I haven't had a chance to try many UD things. I have tried the UDPP but I don't like it :( It dried my lids like crazy.


izntlifesojuicy said...

I love Urban Decay! The only palette I have so far is the Naked Palette but I would love to try others. Thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway!

gigidob said...

Amazing giveaway, thanks Katie!!

I feel like a child at christmas when entering this contest! I've only got the Naked palette and my favourite shadow is Toasted.

gigidob at gmail dot com

Alice said...

I thought I was already subscribed to it, don't know what happened??

Of course I follow your blog...your every move, actually, because I love you. You should come over.

Anywho, never tried UD eye shadows (only the "primer" that didn't do jack). I AM a huge fan of their mineral foundation, however, at this point I'm undecided between whether that takes top rank or my MUFE (which I'm loving and found out about BY READING YOUR BLOG!).

to summarize: ENTER ME! (in the contest, not like, literally, ew)

Ellie said...

ahhh!!! i love urban decay (but sadly never got the chance to own any of their makeup cuz i cant afford it haha). thanks for the giveaway! <3

Beth C. said...

I'd love to win this palette because it'll be my first ever Urban Decay palette. Also, it has many colours I don't own.

All is Pretty said...

love your blog! I;d love to win this palette! My favorite product at the moment is YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in Sensual Silk!

Katie said...

All is Pretty - I want that same exact lipstick!! I'm glad to hear you like it so much!

Kim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim said...

Hi Katie!! Great giveaway :) I thought I would share a few of my current obsessions: The infamous Naked palette, NARS Gina blush (the best coral toned blush ever!) and postsecret blog where people from all over the world share their secrets ( I'm hoping to get the book for Christmas! Thanks again for the giveaway.. good luck to all! :)


Jennifer Leigh said...

I just found your blog today! Awesome giveaway! I'd love to win.

My email is

EllysMakeupbag said...

I found out about your blog on a comment from belldujour's blog and i love it so far. I have never tried Urban decay :( Thanks for the giveaway

Shaimaa said...

That's so kind of you dear ,to holding this great giveaway and simplify the rules

I am a follower via GFC shaimaa
My Fav mascara is Rimmel and maxFactor false eyelash effect its curl the lashes and make the eye look so gorgeous

Chic Geek said...

Thanks so much for this giveaway! I am a follower. :)

My favorite mascara is Cover girl Lash blast!

K said...

I would love to win this BoS because I don't own any Urban Decay products, but have always wanted to try them. I keep playing with their stuff in the store, but end up leaving empty-handed (college kid = broke).

Thanks for the giveaway! It's so sweet of you. I've been kind of lurking for a little while, but only just now "officially" followed.

prettyinthedesert said...

Hello! I just came across your blog when I was searching for some stuff so I'm a new follower :)

I think my favorite mascara would have to be the DiorShow. I can't really afford it right now, so I'm trying to find an alternative. Will let you know if I do!


kylie said...

i follow you
my favourite mascara is maybelline collosal volume waterproof mascara

emmajeanhounslow said...

I'd love to try an Urban Decay product as they are very hard to come across here in Australia. Hope you had a great Christmas :)

darlingfemme said...

I've never tried Urban Decay so this would be cool to win! My favorite mascara is the purple lash blast.
darling femme (at) gmail (dot) com