Friday, December 3, 2010

My Favorite Fall / Winter Mascara!

My favorite mascara to whip out during fall and winter is Benefit's Bad Gal Plum. Plum mascaras are like gold eye shadows, they compliment all eye colors beautifully. I know Urban Decay has some really pretty colored mascaras and one of them is similar to this. However, I couldn't find it on Sephora so maybe it's discontinued? Anyway, if I remember correctly, their version was more reddened than this one.

Sold separately, these retail for $19 USD but every year they release a (full size) combo pack of the original (black) Bad Gal mascara and the plum for $29 USD. Good deal, no? 

My only problem with the Bad Gal mascaras is the MONSTER brush! I don't get the "beautiful and bodacious" lashes they claim to offer and frankly, I find the big brush hard to work with and maneuver. That aside, it doesn't really matter with the plum version since I use it on my lower lashes and I coat the tips of my upper lashes. This works well with black and brown mascaras. I suppose you could wear this alone and it'd look really neat, but I just use it to add effect with black mascara.

Have you tried this one yet or the ones from Urban Decay? Do you know of any other brands that offer colored mascaras that are worth the mention? 

By the way, HAPPY FRIDAY! Any weekend plans? I'm doing chores, chores, and MORE CHORES today! I have to get my home ready for the tree and sparkling for Christmas. Oh, happy day! (<--- a bit of sarcasm for ya)


Anonymous said...

Plum mascara looks lovely. I sometimes wear SUQQU deep green mascara (limited edition?) very subtle but like the way it turns out when combined with dark green gel liner. Have a lovely weekend :)

Katie said...

Ooooh, I like the idea of a green mascara! Is that brand in the UK only?

Anonymous said...

I bought mine in Japan. They have shops in only UK and Thailand outside Japan.

But not to worry, green is sadly discontinued. There's another one I had in mind, is from Mary Quant. But unfortunately it's Japan and UK only..? Here's
their English website, look for "Action Lashings"

They have 2 green mascaras mine is more like Mary Quant's Ivy Green.

MQ's mascaras had good reviews (probably better than SUQQU?) in Japanese beauty review site but I opted for SUQQU. Will update you if I find something else :)