Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Revlon Pink Pout Matte Lipstick

Thanks to Revlon for reigniting my lust for finding drugstore gems. They won me over with Soft Nude from the Color Burst line. Now I wanted to try the mattes. I've noticed on this blog that I rarely talk about drugstore cosmetics and I think it's because I've been disappointed so many times. And, since I dove into the world of high end cosmetics, I feel very put off by drug store lines. Once you go MAC, you never go back, right? Well... sort of.

About $7 USD. (It's pinker in person)

The color I felt instantly attracted to was Pink Pout. It's a more subtle blue-based pink. Just by looking at it, you can tell it's a winner among the masses for being so versatile. I was a little afraid of trying this though because it is a matte. I expected it to be very dry, perhaps even chalky. To my surprise, it wasn't like that at all. It applied smooth and evenly. It didn't feel drying and the color was very opaque. Trust me, it doesn't take much to achieve full coverage with this lipstick. I got a decent amount of wear out of it -- maybe 3 hours or so. I do recommend exfoliating before applying. However, I suggest doing this before putting on ANY lipstick.

This swatch most accurately represents the color,
but I still say it's just a little pinker (and bluer) in person.

I really like lipsticks with matte or satin finishes. I fancy shimmery shadows so a matte lip brings balance to my look. One thing I really liked about this line in particular is the packaging. It's a simple design with an ingenious little window at the top which allows you to see the lipstick inside. The thing that bothers me about drugstore makeup is that there's no testers and relying on the colored sticker as an indicator doesn't always work in my favor. Ever buy makeup from Walmart? People just open up the lipsticks and swatch them right then and there. Ick! Anyway, that's just a little perk that I appreciated.

Although Pink Pout is on the cooler side of the spectrum, this can definitely work for warm toned gals too. Have you tried this one yet? I've heard mixed reviews about this color but I really like it and I'd actually buy it again. I'm interested to know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely colour!!

Dont worry i agree once you go to mac its hard to come back lol xox

Katie said...

I love drugstore mascaras but as far as foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner is concerned, I prefer high end stuff. I'm definitely starting to come around to lipsticks though!

Tali said...

I like these lipstick but i find them a bit too pigmented. Unless i am wearing red.. i like a sheerer more moisturised look!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the colour looks very pretty, but as you say need a good exfoliating before applying it. I noticed you are only 1 person away (at the moment) from 100 followers, well done :)

Katie said...

Definitely! I've learned that I need to exfoliate before using any lipstick though. My lips are prone to getting chapped very easily so it's always a must for me. And thank you!