Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Junk Drawer

I was cleaning out pictures on my camera last night that date back to August. I came across products that I totally forgot to review or mention. Today, I'll be sharing with you two MAC shadows: Nocturnelle (frost) and Black Tied (velvet). Both colors are gorgeous but they're both in my junk drawer as well.

I purchased Nocturnelle online and the moment I received it, I was so sure that I was going to love it. In fact, I was so sure, I tore open the box and threw out the receipt. I'm not necessarily a 'think before you do' type. Anyway, it's absolutely gorgeous in the pan but the color payoff is less than fabulous and it's not as pigmented as I expected. I mean, you really need to work this color to make it work for you but when paying $14.50, it should be so hard. I still love this color and who knows? Maybe I'll whip it out and see if I can play with it a little more.

I actually like Black Tied but I like Urban Decay's Creep BETTER. The color is similar, but the textures are different. Creep is smoother than Black Tied with nice color pay off. Again, I like Black Tied but Creep is in my Naked Palette (which I use a lot) so it's also a matter of convenience.

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beautyGeek.xox said...

what are your favorite eye shadows by mac?