Sunday, February 6, 2011

Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette No. 1

Woo hoo! I finally took the plunge and bought the MUFE concealer palette. I've wanted this for a really long time but I was hanging on the fence. I read countless reviews on products that tend to be more pricey before investing in it. However, I had a hard time with this one because the reviews were so mixed. I would hate to spend $36 on a palette that does nothing for me, you know? Besides, I think TheBalm's TimeBalm concealer is some fierce competition. I had the pleasure of going to Sephora a few weeks ago. Seeing the palette in person sealed the deal for me.

Make Up For Ever concealer palette, #1
The biggest complaint about this palette that I have read from people who didn't like it was that the formula was very dry. I have to disagree here. If you're used to using liquids or ultra creamy concealer, then yes, this will seem dry in comparison. However, I found that these were creamy, blendable, and easy to work with.

My biggest complaint? Being a very fair-skinned woman, only the first two shades (and the green one, of course) work for me. With that said, shades three and four will be very useful in the summer, when my skin is tan -- so not all hope is lost on those! 

The green concealer is very pigmented and very useful for canceling out redness in the skin. For me, this would be the area around my nose. 

In my opinion, these concealers offer exceptional coverage. When looking for a concealer, I like something with fuller coverage. It needs to be able to hide blemishes, scars, and redness. And, it's a perk if it can be full coverage AND work for the under eye area. I like this a lot for under the eyes, actually. All you need is a tiny bit though, or else it will look cakey if you pack on too much. 

For $36, I'm very happy with my purchase and I imagine it's going to take a while to use these up.

More photos:

1, 2

3, 4


For reference, my skin is NW20 in MAC, #115 in MUFE HD, and #125 in MUFE Mat Velvet+


prettyinthedesert said...

oh this was one of the first makeup products I bought when I was in beauty school :) I Loved it! Such a good investment.

Yvonne said...

So do you do wedding makeup? Maybe you could email me and tell me if you are north, central or south Jersey!

Katie said...

prettyinthedesert - I agree! I love my palette but I can definitely see this as being perfect for a makeup artist.

Yvonne - I'm from central Jersey but makeup is a hobby for me and I'm so pressed for time. My daughter isn't going to be an only child for much longer. Thank you for asking, though!

Yvonne said...

So, how would you like to meet up sometime for tea or something? I'm in central Jersey too. email me! if you're interested.